Tomato sauce

Fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of Apulian chili. Simple and perfect, the recipe "Arrabbiata" is the most famous southern italian. It owes its name to the heat of the chili, that makes your palate hot and spicy, thus the name Arrabbiata-Angry.

The great taste of Italy. Basil, extravirgin olive oil and lots of sweet and fragrant tomatoes for this classic southern Italian recipe. Add parmesan cheese and your favorite seasoning for a very special pasta dish. Buon Appetito!

Ortolana owes its name from the italian home garden (orto). Lots of fresh organic vegetables create a delicious flavored sauce. From an old recipe of italian grandmothers, a sauce ready for spaghetti or tagliatelle. The taste of Italy!

Cacioricotta is a typical southern Italian cheese with a great taste. The sauce is ready to dress orecchiette and other pasta. The extra virgin olive oil completes a classic recipe from Puglia.

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