Grapes variety: Montepulciano and uva di Troia

Vineyard: Trained to spurred cordon, with a yield of 70 quintals per hectare

Vinification: The grapes are harvested in the third week of October and then fermented together. Ambient yeasts present on the skin of the grapes are utilised, and no sulphites are used in the production of Senzasolfo ("Without surphur"). Thus, the entire winemaking process is totally natural, both in the length of fermentation and in its methods.

Sensory profile: The wine appears a dense, lively ruby red. The absence of sulphites yields a fruit-rich bouquet that is more decisive and intriguing than usual, with delicious aromas of wild red berryfruit, echoed impressively on the palate. The mouth is crisply delineated, with judicious, non-aggressive tannins. All of this makes Senzasolfo a wine for all dishes and all seasons.

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