Grapes variety: 100% Primitivo

Vineyard: Trained to the traditional Puglia pergola, it yields 80 quintals per hectare.

Vinification: When the primitivo grape reaches full ripeness, in late August, the grapes are gently pressed. After the must macerates on the skins, it ferments at a controlled temperature for 12 days. Frequent pumpovers and délestage ensure the correct level of oxygen and better extraction into the wine of the aromatic and pigment compounds.

Maturation: Vriccio matures in stainless steel for eight months, then in the bottle for an additional two months before release.

Sensory profile: Appearing a ruby red, Vriccio displays a classic bouquet of dried plum and fruit preserves. The palate is crisp and appealing, with supple tannins well integrated with the alcohol, and the lengthy finish is scented with red berryfruit. At its best when served with vegetable soups and legumes.

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