On our farm, we grow tomatoes, olives, and artichokes, which are picked at the moment of absolute ripeness then preserved and processed without and additional treatments or procedures.

Our tomatoes give us a fresh-tasting, natural tomato purée, as well as ready-made tomato sauces classic to the traditional recipes of Italian cuisine. Our peeled tomatoes too are outstanding, as well as natural pomodorini, or tomatoes that are prepared by hand, then preserved in water and salt just a few hours after being picked. The grilled artichokes are practically ready to eat: just open the package and serve them with a slice of country bread. They are crunchy and flavourful, as though they were just picked; they are packed in an excellent extravirgin olive oil, delicious spread on bruschetta.

Our olive groves merit a separate discussion. They yield olives both for eating and for oil. The table olives are the indigenous bella di Cerignola cultivar, large, tasty, and crunchy like no other olive, perfect for enjoying at aperitif. For the extravirgin olive oil, there is an obvious choice, since our area grows one of the finest olives known, the coratina. For those who are unfamiliar with this olive, it possesses the highest of polyphenols, the antioxidants that protect our heart and our overall health. For this reason, the coratina exhibits an inimitable peppery flavour and a lovely bouquet of fragrant green tomato. It is delicious when drizzled on foods, but we recommend using it as an ingredient in cooking to add flavour to every dish.