Organic choice

For us, organic farming is a conscious life-choice, not simply a method of cultivation. For my father, this approach came as a thunderbolt, in far-off 1993, when organic agriculture was all but unknown.

He understood that he could walk his fields now with his head high, proud that the land was now free of chemicals, made fertile and productive only by organic fertilisers and all-natural anti-pest treatments. Time proved that he was right, and today everything that our farm yields is more natural, tastier, and more genuine.

That same passionate commitment marks myself and all of those who work at our winery. Over the years, that passion has become respect for ourselves, for our customers, and for our own corner of earth.

Our vines are kept free of synthetic-chemical products (fertilisers, weed-killers, anti-fungicides, insecticides, pesticides in general), as well as genetically modified materials OGMs).
To protect our crops, we rely largely on preventive measures, selecting vines that are disease-resistant, and we use appropriate cultivation practices, such as winter cover-cropping and monitoring insect movement patterns.

We use only natural fertilisers such as manure and other composted organic substances (vine prunings, etc.), and always practice cover-crop mulching, adding other plants we have intentionally grow, such as clover and mustard.
In case of necessity, for protecting the crops, we will utilise natural vegetal, animal, or mineral substances, extracts of plants, rock flour, and natural minerals, to correct the chemical structure or characteristics of the soils or to protect against fungal attack.

In the winemaking cellar, we use low doses of sulphites as well as natural clarification agents, such as egg whites and bentonite, avoiding the use of chemical adjuvants.

All of our products are certified by the ICEA (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute).