Grape variety: Pure Aglianico

Vine: Trained using the "Pugliese trellis" method.

Yield: 8,000 kg. per hectare

Vinification: Mid October, when the grapes reach the ideal ripeness they are harvested and placed in plastic crates in the wine cellar where they are immediately stripped of leaves and stems and crushed. Maceration occurs in stainless steel vats for 14 to 12 days, with frequent traditional handling and delestage  ("rack and return"). The grapes are left to ferment in the juice at a controlled temperature of 28°C.

Aging: After alcoholic fermentation, the wine begins its period of malolactic fermentation in steel tanks for 6 months, followed by 12 months in 30 hectolitre oak casks.

Sensory chracteristics: Deep ruby red colour. Intense and complex bouquet of ripe fruit, forest berries, vanilla and other spices. It velvety, warm and full on the palate; a correct freshness and elegant tannic quality make it a balanced wine with great character.

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